How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Tips and Tricks

An argumentative paper, also known as persuasive essay, is intended to take one side of an argument by supporting it with several supporting points prior to drawing a conclusion. Writing an argumentative essay needs a clear thesis statement, appropriate support and clear transition. Your supporting arguments should bond logically to one another to unify the argument. This blog post includes some easy tips and tricks to write an argumentative paper.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement summarizes the subject of the paper, your viewpoint and your intended presentation. Never interrogate your readers with the thesis, instead make a clear positive, strong statement. List the argument and supplementing points. Try to appear unbiased. Moreover, avoid using wordy phrases with strong emotional connotations.

Supporting Points

For every supporting point, write at least two paragraphs or more, depending upon the depth of the subject. You can add facts and statistics to prove your argument and cite the sources using the appropriate citation method. In addition, use more than one source to support the argument.

Using Transitions

Transitions bond your different supporting points to one another while making your essay communicate more smoothly. Without adequate transition, your argumentative paper will appear incoherent or illogical, thus weakening your position. If you end one supporting argument, you can transition to a counterargument and then outline a counterargument and your own rebuttal.

Citing Opposite Viewpoints

Consider referencing opposing points to your own supporting arguments. If you acknowledge the opposite point of view, you can draft a confutation to further strengthen the position.

Follow these easy steps to produce an effective argumentative paper.


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